How to Change Theme on Google Chrome?

Are you bored with the same old theme pasted on your Google Chrome? Want to give your Google Chrome a cool makeover? If your answer is yes and you are looking forward to change the theme on your Google Chrome browser, you will first need to download some new Google Chrome Themes. There are various new themes available in the Themes section of Chrome Web Store. Read further to learn how to change theme on Google Chrome web browser. You can also consult the experts of our Google Chrome Tech Support to get a detailed guidance on this.

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How to Browse Incognito in Internet Explorer ?

Whenever we do internet surfing in the web browser, our activities get registered. If you are using internet in your office, chances are that your organization can monitor your activities by checking your web browsing history. That is why many people, prefer to use internet in Incognito mode. Nowadays nearly every major web browser gives user the facility to surf internet in private browsing mode. In Internet Explorer, you can do private browsing in “InPrivate Browsing” mode. In this mode, nothing will be logged in your computer, and you can surf freely without any worry of getting monitored. Read further to learn how to browse Incognito in Internet Explorer. You can also choose to

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How to Turn off Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer browser has a Pop-up Blocker facility which is a useful tool that prevents unnecessary advertisements from opening up. Unnecessary ads or pop-ups are very annoying and often leads to disturbance or loss of composure. However this function sometimes causes problems when you are trying to navigate into certain websites that rely heavily on advertisements or pop-ups. The only way left to use these websites again is to turn off the pop-up blocker or lower the blocking level. Read further to learn how to turn off pop-up blocker in the Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can also consult our experts of Internet Explorer Tech Support to get expert

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5 Easy Way to Install Opera Mini Browser on Your Device

For anyone who is tired of the commonly used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Opera Mini provides a refreshing option. This lightweight browser is also the fastest browser available in the internet world. There are several salient features in Opera Mini that you might not find in other browsers. Opera Mini is available to download for free and you can get this slick application from any app store based on your device. Read the following instructions to learn how to install Opera Mini on your device. You can alternatively consult the experts of Technical support inc. to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

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How to Save Power on a Laptop?

Most people complain of seeing their laptop power draining easily. They blame it on the technical issues or some flaws in the makeup of the battery but they are not aware that they can save lot of laptop power by following some easy tips. Follow these tips to not only save power on your laptop but to extend the life of your laptop battery.

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How to Update BIOS of your Computer?

BIOS or Basic Input-Output System is inbuilt software on the motherboard of a computer. It is the program that the microprocessor of your computer uses to get your system started once you switch it on. BIOS also acts as a manager of data flow between the operating system of the computer and attached devices like keyboard, hard disk , mouse, printer and others. There are times when you have to update the BIOS of your computer and being little complicated, it needs some precautions. You can consult the experts of computer repair services team to get required technical guidance for this process or you can read the following to handle the matter on your own.

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How to Change the Name of Your MacBook ?

Did you finally got yourself a new MacBook or bought a second hand piece from market? No matter how you acquired these technical marvels, you are a proud owner of a Mac. One of the initial things you will consider doing with your Mac is to give it a name. If it is previously owned by your friend, older sibling or some stranger, you will want to rename it. To serve this purpose, you can take help from the experts of Apple MacBook support team. In case you want to take matter in your hands and are looking different ways to name your MacBook, follow these easy and simple steps.

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How to Fix Most Common Computer Problems?

Computer is a machine works most of the time without any issue, but technical faults can encounter anytime sometimes emerge as a major outbreak among the users. And there are countless errors that can affect the performance of any computer or laptop.

You can get frustrated if you face a technical error again-and-again. And the issue could be worst if you not resolve it with the help of professionals working at computer technical support. But before that find below few tips how to troubleshoot common computer problems.

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How to Identify Virus in Your Computer?

Virus and malware files can silently enter into your computer that you will not get to know even while running your computer. And few of them can damage your computer system or corrupt important files stored in hard drive of your system.

Originates in many forms, it becomes challenging for users to detect and remove such malicious files from system. But here we share with you how to detect virus in your computer with few curable measures to competently deal with them.

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Useful Tips to Interact with Tech Support Experts

Computer related technical faults can encounter anytime with any user and if you stuck in such situations, then getting tech support help is the only best way to get rid of this problem. If you ignore a minor error, it could be cause of major snags like computer crash or data loss.       

You can find bunch of online computer technical support services ready to repair your computer at one phone call but before you do that find the few useful tips given below that would help you to interact carefully with online tech support technicians.

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