How to Browse Incognito in Internet Explorer ?

Whenever we do internet surfing in the web browser, our activities get registered. If you are using internet in your office, chances are that your organization can monitor your activities by checking your web browsing history. That is why many people, prefer to use internet in Incognito mode. Nowadays nearly every major web browser gives user the facility to surf internet in private browsing mode. In Internet Explorer, you can do private browsing in “InPrivate Browsing” mode. In this mode, nothing will be logged in your computer, and you can surf freely without any worry of getting monitored. Read further to learn how to browse Incognito in Internet Explorer. You can also choose to contact the experts of Internet Explorer Tech Support to get a better guidance on this topic.

steps to Browse Incognito in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer

Make sure that you are using Internet Explorer 8 or later version as InPrivate Browsing mode is only available for these versions. However if you are using Windows 7, you can still use InPrivate Browsing.

Locate InPrivate Browsing mode option

In the Internet Explorer window, click on Tools menu or Gear button, a drop-down menu will open. Click on “InPrivate Browsing” option. In case you don’t see any option, you can press Alt and click on Tools menu that appears after that. There is another way by which you can open InPrivate Window, press Ctrl, Shift and P simultaneously.

Browse privately in the new window

Whatever internet activity you perform in the new InPrivate Window will not be logged in your browsing history. Even the new tabs created in this mode will be private and couldn’t be monitored by your employers or anyone else.

Set InPrivate Browsing as a default setting in Internet Explorer

If you do a lot of private browsing, it is suggested that you should set Internet Explorer to always open in InPrivate Browsing mode. For this setting, right click on your Internet Explorer icon and select Properties. In the Properties, locate Shortcut tab. Under this tab, find Target field. Type –private at the end of the Target keeping a space gap in-between. Select Apply to save the settings.

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In this way, you will be able to browse Incognito in Internet Explorer. For any issue or query, you can contact our Internet Explorer Support Number 1-800-439-2178.

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