How to change Your Security Options in Safari?

Safari is a popular web browser that is preferably used by Apple computers. In the recent times, Safari has made transition to Windows devices, which has increased its popularity and users. Safari allows you to customize it and also let you change the settings according to your preferences. You can also edit the security settings in Safari browser to make it safer. Read further to learn how to change your security options in Safari. You can also consult our Safari Technical Support experts to get useful guidance on this topic.

How to change Your Security Options in Safari

Open Safari

Click on Safari icon on the desktop to launch the Safari browser and open a new browser window.

Navigate to Settings

Once the Safari browser is opened, navigate to the small gear icon located on the top-right side of the browser window. Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu. In the list of options, click on Preferences to open the Settings.

Go to the Security Tab

In the new window, you can see there are list of submenus across the top screen containing different types of options. Among these submenus, locate the Security tab that looks like a lock with black and yellow strips on it.

Check settings for fraudulent sites

In this section, there are several settings that you can change by checking and unchecking their corresponding tickboxes. In the first setting, you can check the access for fraudulent sites. Click on checkbox to mark this setting.

Reconfigure your settings

In the following check boxes, you can choose to control your web content such as Enable Plugins, Enable Java, Enable Javascript and Block Pop-up Windows.

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Set Safari to prompt you when sending sensitive data

Enable Safari to prompt you first before sending sensitive information to a website. This is helpful when you are doing online banking transactions. Exit the window once you are satisfied with settings.

This way you will be able to change your security settings in Safari. For any other query or issue regarding Safari contact our Safari Support Phone Number 1-800-439-2178.

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