How to Connect a Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

There are multiple manufacturers of printers in the market and canon is one of the best manufacturers of the printer that offers printer types for every individual includes household to business customers. Canon printer users enjoyed the enhanced features and functions at very low cost with advanced options. In the growing internet era, there are lots of option come in the series of the printers in which one and must is connecting a wireless printer to Wi-Fi connection. The printers and their series are always come up with the complete Canon Printer Support that is the most beneficial factor of the printer series.

This blog would explain you the brief to connect your wireless printer to your wireless network. Yet before starting the process to connect your printer to the Wi-Fi connection, ensure that you know your Wi-Fi network name and password. Do the following steps to locate your Wi-Fi credentials-

  • First steps is connected your wireless printer
  • In the next steps access your printer’s control panel
  • After this, you need to select the “Setup” option, which usually appears as a wrench icon.
  • Next, you need to select the “Network” menu
  • Printers often have a Wireless Setup Wizard that lists the Wi-Fi networks in your area. Here you need to select your Wi-Fi Network Name
  • If you find that the connection is unsuccessful, then simply try printing a wireless network test report to fix the problem

Additional Tips

Many of the printer series are not Wi-Fi-capable, so it is advisable to use a printer guide that comes up with the printer. While setting up a Wi-Fi-capable printer for your home network, you may require help to open and unblock certain ports on your wireless gateway. Precise equipment instructions may vary based on the series. For more detailed instructions, please refer Canon Printer Technical Support Number(1-800-439-2178) where you could find the best result in a very less interval of time. The number is the best option to get the support from the experts and technical experts of our customer service.

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