How to Fix HP Computer with Blank Screen?

HP desktop computer showing bank screen indicate there is a trouble with video output of your computer. If you start system but monitor screen showing nothing there could be issue with monitor or CPU which need be diagnosed using various troubleshooting process. Below we have compiled few useful tips to fix the HP desktop blank screen.

Properly Check Power Resources

Unplug video cable from the display monitor and reconnect in right port. If monitor power indicator blinks means the power supply is sufficient. If it is now switching or fluctuating, it is the sign of improper supply of electricity, hence make sure power cord is not damaged. You can replace the power cord and reconnect with electricity.

How to Fix HP Computer with Blank Screen

Retune the Display of Monitor

Sometimes wrong display settings or bad signal conditions display resolution disturbed. Find the button on your monitor and reset the display resolution by default, as any kind of compromised display setting will be restored. HP computer tech support helps to adjust only screen resolution but not possible for external settings.

Avoid Removing Video Port Cover

HP desktop users get graphics card with installed a plastic cover over the video port connected to the motherboard. This attachment is done to setup to connect through the graphic car for the batter performance and speed. Do not remove plastic cover while connecting VGA or HDMI as video will not run until the video card detached.

Attach Computer to another Display 

To ensure the functionality of computer, attach computer to another display so that you can identify which device has the problem and repair or replace the same. Get another display and connect for a while to check the display output. HP computer technical support work for users to fix software issues will help you remotely.

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Update and Reset BIOS Setting

BIOS setting is also important to get proper display. If your HP desktop is showing black screen, then change BIOS setting or set it at default to get display. Always get configure HP computer with the help of certified and experienced technicians who better understand the BIOS settings and other configurations for best performance.

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