How to Fix Windows 10 “BOOTMGR Is Missing Errors”?

Windows 10 operating system is personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft. It is released as the part of NT family and is hooked up with the top most features and has created a high rate market of users. As it is one of the most reliable operating system but still it is not free from technical glitches and bugs that create hurdles while performing any programming.

With such technical problems, there is most common error reported by the users is “BOOTMGR Is Missing Errors”. There are number of possible causes of BOOTMGR errors, including corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive, damaged or loose hard drive interface cables. Apart from this other major reason behind the problems is if your PC is trying to boot from a flash drive or hard drive that is not properly configured to be booted from.

The BOOTMGR error shows up in few forms:

  • “BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”
  • “BOOTMGR is missing, Press any key to restart”
  • “Couldn’t find BOOTMGR”

The error displays shortly just after the computer is tuned on, it appears immediately after the “Power On Self Test” get complete. Apart from Windows 10, the error also appears in Windows 8 and 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

The error can get fixed at your own you can get Support for Windows 10 by the experts and technical executives offered by Microsoft. Below you can find the method and steps by step instructions to fix the Windows 10 “BOOTMGR Is Missing Errors”-

  1. Restart the Computer:

The normal ad easy way to restart a computer running Windows 10 is via the “Start Menu”-

  • Firstly open the “Start Menu”
  • Then click the “Power” button or if you are using Windows 8 then tap “Power Options” button
  • At last you need to choose “Restart”

The second method to restart the computer is little faster and doesn’t require the full Start menu-

  • Simply open the “Power User Menu” by clicking WIN keys and X
  • Then choose “Restart” in the shut down or sign out menu
  1. Change the Boot order in BIOS:
  • Restart your computer and watch for the BIOS Setup Message
  • Enter the BIOS Setup Utility
  • Locate and Navigate to the Boot Order Options in BIOS
  • Make Changes to the Boot Order
  • Save Changes to the BIOS Setup Utility
  • Confirm Boot Order Changes and Exit BIOS
  • Start the Computer With the New Boot Order
  1. Reseat Internal Data and Power Cables
  • First power off the computer system and open the “Computer Case”
  • Then remove “External Power Cables” and “Attachments”
  • After this remove and reattach device and motherboard power cables
  • Then simply remove “Data Interface Cable” from first device
  • Remove data interface cable from first device
  • Further remove and reattach remaining data cables
  • Then you need to check to ensure all power and data cables are properly reattached
  • At last simply close the “Computer Case”

The above describes solutions are the correct and simple methods to resolve the Windows 10 “BOOTMGR” error. But suppose the error still persists or you are not able to perform such troubleshooting solution then there is no need to worry. You should call on (+1-800-439-2178) support number, which is available for all the users Windows operating system. The number is offered by the reliable helpdesk that works with advanced tools and technologies and owes a team of technical experts who are committed in resolving each and every technical glitch related to Windows 10 in real time. The service also offers technical assistance through invoice email and via online chat, so that the user can connect the service at any time.

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