How to Import and Export OR Copy Favorites in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is the default web browser of Windows computers and is quite easy to use. Many users prefer to use Internet Explorer because of its minimalist interface. If you are a frequent user of Internet Explorer, there are several features that you can enjoy. One of these is the facility to copy favorites in Internet Explorer from one computer to another as it avoids the tedious task of creating the favorites. Read further to learn how to copy favorites in Internet Explorer. Alternatively you can also consult the experts of Internet Explorer Tech Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

How to Copy Favorites in Internet Explorer

Locate Favorites in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer by double-clicking on the desktop icon. In the application click on Favorites which will drop down a drop-down menu. Now click on “Add to Favorites” option.

Launch Import/Export Settings

In the following drop-down menu, choose “Import and Export” option which will open an “Import/Export Settings” window.

Choose the Files

In the “Import/Export Settings” window, select “Export to a file” option. Now check the Favorites box and select Next. Now click on the things you want to export and choose Next again.

Choose the Destination Folder

Select the folders carrying your Favorites and click on “Next”. You can browse the computer and select the folder where you want to save the file by clicking on “Export” option. You can choose to save the file in a thumb drive or to a network location. Click Finish to finish the export process.

Transfer the saved file in new computer

Now transfer the saved file in your new computer by using an USB drive or with the help of email.

Open “Import/Export Settings”

Open Internet Explorer in the new computer and navigate to “Import/Export Settings”. In this window, choose “Import from a file” option.

Import the file

Now check the Favorites and choose “Next”. Browse the exported file and select “Next”. After that choose “Import” and then click on “Finish” to end the process.

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In this way you will be able to copy Favorites in Internet Explorer. If you are facing any issue with Internet Explorer, you can contact our Internet Explorer Support Number 1-800-439-2178.

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