How to Reboot a Crashed Windows Computer?

Crashing of Windows is a common issue of Windows computers. There are several factors that cause crashing of Windows. These factors include serious hardware or software issues. Using an unstable program can also lead to crash of Windows. When this happens to you, you can take several measures by which you can reboot or fix a crashed Windows computer. Read further to learn how to reboot a Crashed Windows computer. Alternatively, you can also consult the experts of Computer Support Specialist to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

How to Reboot a Crashed Windows Computer

Determine the source of the problem

First of all, find the source of the crash. This can be done by running the Windows in Safe Mode and opening the Windows Log Files. In case there is a blue screen, you might find the problem written on the memory index. Windows Logs can be located in the Administrative Tools section of Performance and Management in Control Panel.

Check and reconnect hardware cables

Sometimes, Windows get crashed due to inadequate power-supply or short-circuit. To fix this issue, double-check all the connections and cables, and restart the system.

Undo recent software changes

Windows crash can also be caused by minor hardware drive errors or software bugs, which might be caused by some new software installations. To undo this problem, use Windows System Restore to automatically restore programs, drivers and other important system software.

You can use Last Known Good Configuration

Windows also let you fix boot problems by using the option, Last Known Good Configuration. Continuously press F8 to open fail-safe menu and select this option.

Try Safe Mode

Windows Operating Systems have Safe Mode option which allows the user to run in a limited mode. Restart the computer in this mode and try to fix the issue.

Use Rescue disk

Most of the Windows Operating Systems discs are bootable in nature.  Using these installation discs can resolve the problems in most of the cases.

Determine if you have a recovery partition

In some pre-installed Windows computers, there is recovery partition stored in the system. This partition can be used to reinstall the Windows and fix the problems.

Take expert help

In case the above methods fail and you should take help of an expert technician or repairman.

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