How to Repair a Loose Key in Dell Laptop Keyboard?

Dell laptops are one of the most used laptops in the world and are known for their latest technology and innovative features. However this couldn’t be said for their build quality. Dell laptops are usually problematic with keyboards. If you are using a Dell laptop and are troubled with the problem of loose key, you might have to call a technician to repair the issue. You can repair this issue on your own after reading this blog. Alternatively you can also consult our Dell technical support expert to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Turn of your laptop

First, switch off your laptop. Unplug it from power source. Repairing a laptop keyboard is not a complicated or dangerous process, but you should always take precautions before you proceed to repair a laptop keyboard.

How to Repair a Lose Key in Dell Laptop Keyboard

Remove the key cap

Generally lose keys come out easily with just some wiggling to unhook them from the retaining clip. In case, it doesn’t come easily, you can take out the key cap with the help of a flat head screwdriver.

Check the attachments points on the key

Keep in mind that there can be up to four attachment points in the base of the key cap. Carefully observe for any signs of a broken attachment. If you can’t figure out, remove a functional key from the keyboard with the help of a screwdriver and compare the attachment points on the keys.

Replace a broken key cap

In case the attachment point is broken, you have to replace the broken key with a new key. You can also choose to replace the broken key with another key from the keyboard that you rarely use.

Fix the metal bar on large keys

Large keys like Shift key are held by a metal bar. If the bar is not flat, you will have to re-attach it to the small plastic hooks on the keyboard. The bar should go along the lower corner of the key as the short arms of the bar running up the left and right sides of the hooks. Once the bar is attached again, put the key cap over it and check it.

Check for other problems

Loose key are generally caused by damage to the key cap itself or the metal bar of large keys.

dell laptop technical support number

In this way you will be able to repair a loose key in a Dell laptop keyboard. For any issue or query regarding Dell laptops, contact our Dell laptop technical support number 1-800-439-2178 .

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