How to scan a document through canon printer

Earlier users have to go to stationary shops to get their documents scanned or have to buy a separate scanner for scanning their documents. Nowadays printers have the capability of copying, printing, and scanning. This not only saves the time and money of the consumers but also it makes scanning a very easy process. If you own a Canon printer and wondering how to use the scanning capabilities of it, then don’t look further, read the following steps to learn how to scan a document through Canon printer.

Connect the printer to the computer

There are several ways by which you can connect printer to your computer. You can either attach cables to the computer from the printer or you can choose to attach printer over wireless network. Keep in mind that setup of every printer is slightly different hence it is wise to read the printer manual that comes with the printer. If you don’t have knowledge about scanning process, you need to take online canon printer tech support help immediately.

Install the printer software on your computer

You can either use the software disc or download the printer driver from the internet to install it to computer. Multi-function printers require installation of printer software for communication.

Test the printer

Before performing any scanning work, you have to check if the printer is functioning properly. Give a print command and see if it is done efficiently.

Lift the lid of the printer:-

To begin scanning, you have to prepare firstly the printer for scanning. Switch on your Canon printer and computer system. Pick up the lid of the printer and make sure it must be dust free. Now place the document that you look for to scan with front side down on the glass and close the lid slowly. If you are feeling difficulty about scanning process, you should call at canon printer tech support phone number.

Find printer applications:-

On your computer, find Canon printer application and launch it. In some printers, printer and scanner may have various applications but most of the Canon printers have both functions in a single application.


Select the printer and type of document:-

You need to click on scan option or you may select scanner from the list of printer options. Now select the type of document you have to scan. Also choose resolution and format of the document.

Give the scan command:-

Choose the folder in the browser where your scanned items will be saved. In the print application, you might see the preview of the scan. You have to click on “Scan” or “Save” command to scan any type of document carefully and save it on the computer. For more quick online solutions, you should contact at Toll free number canon printer tech support +1-800-439-2178.

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